Sunday, 25 December 2011

On the 25th Day of December... Christmas Day!

Dec 25th 2011 © Copyright EVE Designs 2011/All Rights Reserved

Well, Christmas Day, the 25th day of December is nearly over, and so too, is this Advent Calendar. I have enjoyed eating and drawing and in fact this last drawing doesn't have any food in it - because we've eaten it all! Hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas day and of course, had enough to eat, too!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, NADOLIG LLAWEN,With love Elissa, Owain, Gary cat and my baby bump - which is definitely bigger today after 2 helpings of Turkey dinner and everything else I have consumed in pretty much a constant fashion.


CD marker pen and Berol colour tips on a pearlescent envelope. All shiny for Christmas!

So, until December 2012 ,don't forget to finish your own Advent calendars and keep an eye out for updates on my other blogs and maybe even a website for me (finally) promises though. Going to not draw for a few days and maybe not eat, too!

If you need any art - give me a shout, but not til Jan 1st! Oh yes - HAPPY NEW YEAR (a BLWYDDIN NEWYDD DDA), too.

Thanks for looking,



On the 24th Day of December (even though posted on the 25th)...

Dec 24th 2011 © Copyright EVE Designs 2011/All Rights Reserved

Well, even though it is actually the early hours of the 25th day of December, here are my drawings for the 24th day of December, which is both our Wedding Anniversary and Christmas Eve.

Tonight we went to O's parent's house for an Xmas Eve Buffet and my dear Mum had made us a huge Chocolate (with 'Rolos' topping) Cake to celebrate our 4th Wedding Anniversary!

Both the buffet and the cake were delicious and we ate so much that we had to sit down and watch a late night movie just to recover, which is why I'm posting these drawings so late. I actually did them in situ at the party - on one of the paper plates. Stylish aren't I?!

Dec 24th 2011 © Copyright EVE Designs 2011/All Rights Reserved

I will be back later on today with my final 'edible' doodle for this 2011 Advent Calendar, but right now it is bed time before I see Father Christmas putting our pressies under the tree! I'm sure I just heard him ...(or was it Gary Cat?!)

A felt pen from Jen and Mike's telephone pot and an unused paper party plate.

Friday, 23 December 2011

On the 23rd day of December...

Dec 23rd 2011 © Copyright EVE Designs 2011/All Rights Reserved

Well, we are nearly at the end of this advent calendar... on the 23rd day of December Owain mentioned he hadn't yet had a mince pie! So, we opened a box (no home baking here!) and he enjoyed not one, but two - they were only mini ones. I on the other hand ate a massive bowl of popcorn. I should have drawn that, too, but I scoffed it so fast there wasn't time!

Staedtler pigment liner 0.1 black ink pen with Squires Kitchen food colouring used as watercolour paint. All on a paper bag from a past trip to Paris. I recently discovered several postcards I'd bought to send home, all tucked up in this bag, so I stuck the postcards up in our office and  thought I'd make use of the bag. Can't beat a bit of French wording as a back ground for an illustration, can you? 

Thursday, 22 December 2011

On the 22nd day of December ...

Dec 22nd 2011 © Copyright EVE Designs 2011/All Rights Reserved

On the 22nd day of December, what else could I draw other than our lovely Christmas cake - which is almost a Christmas Log! A slice of the cake made by Owain's Mam, all iced up and decorated with a Cadbury's Flake log and a little reindeer. I am being very good and not stealing the flake off the top to eat in one go... so far!

Pilot V Ball 07 Black ink pen on the back/inside of the Homebase offers envelope that came in the post today - lovely red stripy pattern - too good not to draw on!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

On the 21st day of December...

Dec 21st 2011 © Copyright EVE Designs 2011/All Rights Reserved

On the 21st day of December I give you a cheeky Gingerbread Man, all iced up with festive frosting. I remember being a little girl helping mum to make gingerbread men and women and bunny rabbits - and mainly eating the gingerbread mix from the bowl which I thought was nicer than when it is baked.  

Uni-ball Signo 0.7 black ink en and Sainsbury's Mini Supertips Scribbler felt pens on the inside of an envelope that came in the post this morning. The envelope contained a nice cheque too, but that is going in the bank not being drawn upon!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

On the 20th day of December...

Dec 20th 2011 © Copyright EVE Designs 2011/All Rights Reserved

On the 20th day of December, here is the bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (with sliced banana) I ate, at 10:45pm, after we got back from the cinema. Cornflakes at night is simply the best! Can't wait for breakfast now, too.

Pilot V Ball 07 black ink pen and Sainsbury's Mini Supertips Scribble felt pens, on the back of the card cover sheet that my greeting card blanks come in.

Monday, 19 December 2011

On the 18th & 19th day of December...

Dec 18th & 19th 2011 © Copyright EVE Designs 2011/All Rights Reserved

Dec 18th & 19th 2011 © Copyright EVE Designs 2011/All Rights Reserved

So, on the 18th Day of December we had a pre 'Crimbo' buffet* and then I couldn't face drawing food so left it until today, the 19th day, when I had to draw it from memory. It made me feel full all over again, just seeing it. 

* Cheese board, Jacob's crackers, home made apple chutney (by my Mummy),butter, Welsh cakes, cheese straws, pasta, cheese and onion pasties, sausage rolls, kebabs, crumbed ham slice, carrot sticks and dips, party sausages, french bread, onion ring crisps, posh salted crisps, lime poppadoms, swiss roll, pretzels, onion bhajis, samosas, goats cheese and asparagus flan/tart, cornish pasties, cumberlands rolls, praline & salted caramel cheescakes, Christmas pudding cheescake, snowballs, cups of tea, pop, fruit juice, lager, pomegranate seeds (lovely with cheese), and I just realised I forgot to draw the dry roasted peanuts! 

Did it in B&W first but it didn't really 'look a lot like Christmas' - so added the red table cloth which made it all seasonal...or like a blood bath. Hmmm.

Either way, plenty of food and I rather enjoyed drawing it, as well as eating it all, too! Thanks to all our pals who came round and brought lovely grub to share. Mmmmm...might go sneak a bit of late night cheese and biscuits...

Staedtler Pigment Liner 0.3, TDK CD/DVD Red ink pen on  part of a divider from a folder, thrown away from the Architects I used to work for, showing a nice grey pattern of some fascia boards or external cladding, I think.