Monday, 5 December 2011

On the 5th day of December...

Dec 5th 2011  © Copyright EVE Designs 2011/All Rights Reserved
On the 5th day of December I give you a beloved Filo Wrapped King Prawn... which I can't eat as, apparently, prawns are a 'no no' when pregnant. Surely if it is deep fried it is OK to eat? But, I am resisting. When the baby has been born, my darling hubby promises to buy me a prawn cocktail, followed by a whole portion of sweet 'n' sour king prawn balls, and to finish off, some filo and tempura prawns with chili dip. Roll on May!

Oh yes - I have just noticed this drawing looks a little like a body rolled up in a carpet, with it's feet poking out the end. Hmmm...

Staedtler pigment liner 1.0 black ink pen, BBC highlighter orange marker, Stabilo 'Colour Hits' neon mini fibre-tipped pens, on a pick heart shaped post stick note.


  1. i agree...i thought....why has she drawn a body in a carpet with feet sticking can't eat that??! ;o) hee hee

  2. The more I look at it the less I see a filo wrapped prawn. Oh dear.