Tuesday, 6 December 2011

On the 6th Day of December...

Dec 6th 2011 © Copyright EVE Designs 2011/All Rights Reserved

On this, the 6th day of December I simply couldn't resist drawing my craving*: A 'Mini Babybel' - or rather what is left after I scoffed it (not doing too well at actually drawing the food part of this calendar, am I ?). I love the red wax casing and crinkled wrapper on my black and white saucer (a plate is just too big) and after spending an afternoon tallying up some stock figures, I thoroughly enjoying drawing all over my workings out.

* Have actually had 2 today, and strangely enough Owain indulged in 1, too...hmmm sympathy cravings? 

Crayola washable child friendly red marker, a fine black marker (brand name has rubbed off), Staedtler 'Tradition' 2H pencil, Oriel Myrddin 'Drawn' exhibition souvenir pencil, Unibal Signo Gelstick black ink pen, and yep, you guessed it Stabilo 'Colour Hits' mini neon fibre-tipped felt pens. All on a sheet of 'aat' notepad paper - a freebie from a day of accounts training during my job at an Architect's office.

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