Sunday, 4 December 2011

On the 4th day of December...

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A 'double doodle for the 4th day of December: 

The first is my empty plate (again from Mamgu's collection) on my cushion 'TV dinner' tray (from my Mum). The plate is supposed to have a glazed ring 'Krispy Kreme ' doughnut on it, but I sat down to draw it and without thinking simply scoffed it! Oops. 

The second doodle is a quick drawing of the dozen 'Krispy Kremes' my darling cousin Sian and her delightful boyfriend, Matt, brought us as they have been here for the weekend. In fact they brought 2 boxes full - one of a dozen 'Christmassy' designs and the other filled with 12 classic glazed ring doughnuts. My favourite! 

Sian and Matt arrive on Friday night and left this evening - there are 4 doughnuts left! That's some good scoffing! 

We have also consumed a Chinese takeaway, 3 all butter croissants, 3 choc au pains, 2 bowls of cereal, a couple of Subway baguettes, a KFC family Bucket and boxed meal (although I didn't get any as had my gig and simply ate a ham salad bap, followed by a jam bap, at about 1am!), and then after a breakfast of bagels and orange juice, we had a Sunday roast at The Brunswick Arms! Now if I had the energy I'd have drawn all of the above but instead opted for the festive doughnuts and my licked clean plate.  Anyone hungry? 

Pentel CD-R/DVD-R black marker, Berol Flipchart Autoseal coloured ink markers, Thick 'n' Thin felt tips on note book graph paper and part of a 'Krispy Kreme' box lid.

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