Thursday, 1 December 2011

Welcome to my EvE Designs Edible Advent Calendar 2011!!

So, last Christmas (I gave you my heart, etc.) I didn't mean to make a doodle advent calendar but I did and my pals on FB loved it! Thanks, you guys.

I created a blog 'adoodleadayadventcalendar2010' but alas only 2 people followed it - and one of them was me!  I did however get to 'guest' on a rather awesome blog 'doodlemum', as an artist friend rather liked my scribbles (not as good as hers I might add) and posted them on her well followed site. Thanks Angie! xx

This year, I thought to myself, "I'm not going to bother"... but then requests from pals began, asking if I was,"doing the drawing advent calendar thingy again?". I hadn't realised how much they had loved watching out for the pictures I put on FB every day leading up to the big (Christmas) day.

So, here I am again, trying to figure out this online blogging thing (and finding it rather frustrating as things I do don't seem to save or the internet goes very slow).  Last year I was posting the pictures on my FB profile, my FB artists page, and the blog, but not managing to connect them all. This time, I'm starting with the blog and will just try to share it on my FB page/wall and see if I can get some followers on here. Of course, the only problem then is, I will have to make sure I update this daily and also start updating my other blogs ! That means organising myself and commitment to not throwing our Mac out of the window if it fails to understand what I want it to do. Not my failing obviously...Hmmm!

Right then, here goes. Time to do an edible (well, almost) advent illustration...but what first?

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