Saturday, 3 December 2011

On the 3rd day of December...

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On the 3rd day of December we had no power in our kitchen, and discovered that all the sockets are faulty (even though the Landlord had this same problem fixed 3 years ago'). After an hour of an lovely electrician's time (and our dosh!) nothing could be done apart from rewiring plugs onto our freezer and fridge and now we have an extension lead powering them. Not sure how much creative cooking we will be able to do this festive season so this advent calendar may well continue with non-cooked food items... we shall see. My dear hubby and I are not too happy today as we have family staying too, so had to miss out on a day of enjoyment with them and I have a big gig tonight (I am a singer as well as a doodler!) so haven't had the best day of preparation for showing off, that I had hoped for. Never mind. It may very well be the best gig yet as I certainly don't want to be in this faulty house!

Anyway. I give you my rather quick scribble - My silver flower fruit bowl with satsumas and a lime. They are a bit old, but not as old and over ripe as my drawing makes out. Think the ink soaked through the paper and created some premature wrinkles. Nice!

Oriel Myrddin 'Drawn' exhibition souvenir pencil, a BBC orange highlighter marker (from my time as a temp there back in 2001ish), Stablio Boss Original orange highlighter pen, Stablio 'Colour Hits Neon Mini' fibre tipped pens , Staedtler Pigment Liner 0.1 black ink pen all on a scrap of A4 ruled paper, found fallen down beside our desk.

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