Saturday, 10 December 2011

On the 10th day of December ...

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On the 10th day of December I tried to eat this Chocolate Truffle Pudding but alas it wasn't that nice. Sorry Nina - my dear pal bought 1 each for O and I yesterday. Perhaps I should have eaten it then but after half a Terry's Chocolate Orange, I think I might have been ill if I ate this, too! Anyway, it looked very pretty with an icing holly and berry on the top.

Today, Owain and I went with to visit Great Aunty Eva to wish her a Happy 101st birthday! It was astonishing how young she seemed and it was only when she showed us a photo of her  in her younger days (1920's!), that we realised how very long she has lived for! Happy birthday dear Eva!

We also went shopping for our Christmas tree and tomorrow we shall be decorating it , with all that glitters. Perhaps if I'm good I will not eat the chocolate coins we hang on it and draw them for this blog. Perhaps.

Sharpie Fine Point Permanent markers and British Red Cross biro on the Jenkins Bakery bag that the truffle came in. I love a nice crinkly paper bag, don't you?

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